Sensitization Course (Verkehrskunde)


The driving theory school in Oerlikon is an association of five driving schools. We aspire to offer interesting and educational lessons.


We are situated directly behind Oerlikon train station (one minute by walk).



My next cours in english Feb. / 03  see the dates below


Course No. 3. Feb. - Deutsch  select

VKU 1Monday03. February 2020  19:00
VKU 2Tuesday04. February 2020  19:00
VKU 3Wednesday05. February 2020  19:00
VKU 4Thursday06. February 2020  19:00

Course No. 17. Feb. - Deutsch  select

VKU 1Monday17. February 2020  18:00
VKU 2Tuesday18. February 2020  18:00
VKU 3Wednesday19. February 2020  18:00
VKU 4Thursday20. February 2020  18:00

Course No. 24. Feb. - English  select

VKU 1Monday24. February 2020  19:30English
VKU 2Tuesday25. February 2020  19:30English
VKU 3Wednesday26. February 2020  19:30English
VKU 4Thursday27. February 2020  19:30English

Course No. 2. März - Deutsch  select

VKU 1Tuesday03. March 2020  19:00
VKU 2Tuesday03. March 2020  19:00
VKU 3Wednesday04. March 2020  19:00
VKU 4Thursday05. March 2020  19:00

Course No. 16. März - Deutsch  select

VKU 1Monday16. March 2020  18:00
VKU 2Tuesday17. March 2020  18:00
VKU 3Wednesday18. March 2020  18:00
VKU 4Thursday19. March 2020  18:00



If you are interested in participating in the VKU course, you must be in possession of a valid learner's permit of the category A1, A or B.  Course costs in english are 285 CHF. Cours costs in german are 185 CHF.


You can sign up for your choice of course below.


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Information for registration in SARI (System Administration, Registrierug and Information). This application must be made before 1 day of class.

  1. I am also interested in the practical training at the driving school Müller.
  2. Practical training I visit in a different driving school.



I wish you all a safe journey!